Garage Door Panel Replacement

Accidents happen, and unexpected damage to your garage doors can result in the need for a panel or section replacement. Sometimes, the cause to replace a panel can be only a matter of passing time, particularly in regions where a garage door is exposed to extremes in temperature changes year after year, through blazing hot and bitterly cold seasons. Garage door sections may also need to be replaced due to dents, cars backing into them, or scratches.

Often people make the mistake of thinking a damaged panel is only a cosmetic matter, putting off replacement. However, that can lead to further problems with a garage door, so it is best to fix this type of damage promptly. Depending on how specifically a panel is damaged, there are a few ways that it can cause further garage door problems.

Each panel section is essential to the whole of the door, and to the integrity of the door’s structure. If a panel is bent or weakened, it can stress the other panels, pulling them out of alignment. Raising and lowering a garage door that is out of alignment can result in damage to the track, which can cause damage to other garage door parts, including springs and rollers.

Putting off a garage door repair can set off a domino effect. Each element of your garage door system relies on the others to perform correctly, and when function is compromised, damage can result.

As soon as damage to a garage door panel is noticed, the best action is to give your garage door technician a call to determine whether or not the damage is significant enough to interfere with or otherwise threaten the functionality of your door.

An experienced garage door technician can handle a panel replacement quickly and efficiently, with a minimal amount of inconvenience. When dealing with an expert garage door technician, the replacement panel will be well matched and skillfully installed, ensuring that the garage door is as attractive in look as it is smooth and reliable in function.