Spring Replacement

A garage door repair should always be treated with caution. An untrained homeowner can make periodic inspections and perform limited maintenance activities, but the replacement of any parts should always be left to a professional.

This is particularly true for garage door spring replacements. The spring supplies most of the energy needed to lift the door. When the spring breaks, the motor should not be used or further damage to the opener can occur.

Spring are powerful devices capable of inflicting severe injury. An untrained person attempting this repair can suffer injuries as severe as death.

Springs should be lubricated regularly. At these times, a few precautions should be followed:

  • Inspect the spring before approaching it. If it looks worn or split down the middle, it needs replacing and a professional should be called.
  • While waiting for that person to arrive, do not yield to the temptation to tinker! A worn spring can break suddenly, causing the broken end to shoot out like a whip. It can cause serious injury.
  • If the door is not working, stay out from under it. Breakage of the spring or cable can cause it to drop suddenly.
  • Beware of pinching. The mechanism has moving surfaces that come together, and foreign objects occasionally get caught between them.

Our garage door professionals can repair or replace both broken torsion and extension springs. For the safety of you and your family, it is best if you do not attempt to replace your broken garage door spring. Springs hold extreme tension and your garage door is extremely heavy and can cause significant injury. Contact your local garage door repair company today!